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BillQuick Online is designed for professionals on the move. Whether you're working remotely at a client's office, project site or home office, you can submit time and expenses while managing your projects and billing anytime, anywhere.

Key Benefits:

  • Record time and expenses, generate reports, and create and review profiles of your activities, expenses, employees, clients and projects remotely
  • Create and review clients and projects, bill clients, and generate invoices and reports on the web
  • Compatible with all major browsers for PC, Mac, and Smartphones
  • Free BillQuick Mobile app for submitting time and expenses on iPhone, Windows 8 Phone and Android devices

Time & Expense Highlights:

  • Time Card available in spreadsheet and stopwatch format
  • Run multiple timers concurrently
  • Time sheet automatically populates projects based on the previous week's activities
  • Track Personal Time Off, Overtime, Compensation Time, Sick Time, Vacation and Holidays
  • Create Time Entries From To-Do Items
  • Single-click DCAA compliance
  • Attach pictures, documents, and web links to time and expense records

Project Management Highlights:

  • Project Center: Instantly see which projects are running at a loss, have burned through the budget or have overspent their contract
  • Employee Workload Forecaster: See the assignments for each employee in a beautiful color-coded calendar and instantly learn which team members are overloaded or under-utilized. Keep an eye on not only your forecasted work, but also who is available to work on your next project
  • Gantt Charts: Easily reorganize your project schedule by dragging, dropping and stretching tasks on a visual timeline.
  • Restrict activities, expenses and employees to specific projects
  • 12 Contract types including Hourly, Fixed Fee, Recurring, Hourly Not to Exceed and Cost Plus
  • Budgeting: Lock projects at contract amount, track over-budget projects, and Budgeted vs. Actual comparison
  • Manage resources: Staff/consultant allocation and scheduling, and utilization
  • Group projects and organize the way you want, with up to four levels of work breakdown (project, phase, segment and sub-segment)
  • Submit-Approve Process: Click on any item (e.g. time entry, expense entry, invoice and vendor bill, etc.) to see the full history of its submittal, approval or rejection

Billing and Accounts Receivable Highlights:

  • Collection Center: All the information you need-payment history, key historical data and account notes-to enhance your collection efforts and to make informed decisions instantly
  • Aged A/R for 60, 90, 120 days & more
  • Client and project statements include multiple formats and extensive filters
  • Feature-Rich Invoicing: 180 templates, batch processing, automatic PDF creation, and ability to edit processed invoices
  • Create many invoice types: Percent complete, retainer, recurring, fixed, hourly, phased, joint and more
  • Automatic billing follows standard billing rules and automatically creates a project invoice for review on any frequency
  • Email and print invoices with a click, one at a time or in batches, and link attachments like receipts and pictures to any invoice
  • Print pre-billing reports
  • Manage Fee Schedules: Service, Expense and Delayed, with job classifications
  • Retainer Management


  • Choose the vendor bills to pay, the account to pay them from and write checks using standard check stock
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Create Vendor Bills automatically on receipt of Purchase Order items
  • Make deposits and transfers
  • Track credit card purchases and refunds
  • Transfer funds between balance sheet accounts
  • Record vendor credits and general journal entries
  • View account details and enter transactions via Registers
  • Reconcile accounts with bank statements
  • Memorize your bills and checks
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Company-wide Financial Budget
  • Balance Sheet Profit and Loss

Reporting Highlights:

  • Generate reports using over 500 report templates
  • Report Center: Easily select any report, apply filters, instantly preview, and view related reports
  • Employee and Vendor Snapshot: View breakdowns of utilization, realization and billable work for employees and consultants
  • Create personal report groups with memorized reports as your favorites
  • Email reports/invoices as Word, Excel or PDFs

Mobile App

  • Free native mobile app to enter time and expenses for your projects right from your iPhone, Windows 8 Phone, and Android devices, even without a cell signal
  • Access, review and delete time entries
  • Enter expenses quickly and easily
  • Track mileage for reimbursement
  • Save time and expenses directly to your company database with a simple tap
  • Attach snapshots of your receipts on your phone