• Home


    Home Dashboard shows a quick summary of your time and expenses broken down for today through the month-to-date. If you have the responsibility, you also see time, expenses and invoices waiting for your review and approval. Reminders and messages from others using BillQuick Online (and BillQuick Desktop) are only a click away.

  • Dashboard


    Dashboard contains real-time information that project managers, principals, partners, owners, etc. need to monitor the overall progress of their business. Dashboard enables you to view important business metrics at-a-glance and keep track of the Key Performance Indicators.

  • Employee


    Contact information and basic HR is only the start. Each employee and consultant also has default bill and cost rate information. Cost rate is a combination of the person's pay rate and an overhead multiplier. You can also set the vacation, holiday and sick time, as well as standard hours per day and week, for each employee.

  • Client


    Clients are quick and easy to setup. In addition to the address used on invoices and statements, you can also setup billing options that will apply to all of the client's projects.

  • Project


    You can control projects by assigning employees, activities and expenses. With a click you can view a project snapshot of job cost, billed to date and retainer information and review invoices, payments, purchase orders and vendors bills.

  • Project Center

    Project Center

    Project Center allows you to easily monitor and control your projects. Find out which projects are running at loss, have burned through the budget or have overspent their contract.

  • Workload Forecaster

    Workload Forecaster

    BillQuick Online allows you to review the work assignment for each employee/project in a calendar view with smart color-coding indicating over and under-booked team members. This view not only provides information about the forecasted work for employees, it also indicates who is available to work on the next project.

  • Interactive Gantt Charts

    Interactive Gantt Charts

    Easily reorganize your project schedule by dragging, dropping and stretching tasks on a visual timeline.

  • Simple Time Entry

    Simple Time Card

    Intuitive, the Simple Time Card draws on the look and feel of timesheets virtually everyone has filled in. To save time and effort, you pull in projects and activities from previous timesheets automatically. Whether a previous item or a new one you add, just enter the hours. You can also enter a memo quickly and easily.

  • Timer


    Automatically tracks the hours and minutes worked on a task. If you forget to turn on/off a timer, just click to reset it. While you're working or when done, add a memo to describe the work in greater depth. One click logs your timer as a new time entry.

  • Simple Expense Log

    Simple Expense Log

    Quick and simple, this screen lets you easily switch between entering expenses by Amount or Units. Default unit costs and other information carry forward automatically. You can also enter memos and link receipts and other files to any expense.

  • Billing Review

    Billing Review

    Batch billing is fast and easy. Bill the hours and expenses as-is or drill in and make precise decisions. Click to drill into the time and expenses. Calculate the bill amount as a percent complete or milestone, or simply enter the amount you want to bill. BillQuick Online tracks write-ups/downs and reports them by project and employee. As desired, apply a discount or retainer.

  • Invoice Review

    Invoice Review

    Invoice Review is the window into all invoices. To view just the right information, filter and sort items. With more than 100 invoice templates (all customizable), chosen as part of billing setup, you can project the best professional image for your firm. As desired, apply late fees on-demand. Invoices can be printed and emailed.

  • Collection Center

    Collection Center

    Collection Center gives you a real-time view of the payment history, key historical statistics and account notes to optimize your collection efforts and to make informed decisions instantly.

  • Security Settings

    Security Settings

    Make BillQuick Online DCAA Compliant in just one click. It is intelligent enough to implement all the required settings to the entire application. You can also require BillQuick Online users to change their password after a certain number of days.

  • Phased Invoice

    Phased Invoice

    Built-in flexibility allows you to bill a project or phase separately on an invoice, or to combine multiple projects or phase bills on a joint invoice. As many project-phases as you wish can be included on a joint invoice. This example is but one of 31 joint/phased invoice formats available in BillQuick Online.

  • Hourly Invoice

    Hourly Invoice

    With more than 70 detailed Hourly style invoice formats to choose from, you control the information presented to clients for work done. Include details like Hours and Rate and memos, or not. Summarize time entries by activity, employee, title and other items. Invoice templates can be customized.

  • Fixed Invoice

    Fixed Invoice

    Choose the way you want to present summarized services, from a one-line invoice to a combination of a summary page with details on subsequent pages. Have your invoice communicate the way you want.

  • Report Center

    Report Center

    Select any report, apply filters, instantly preview and view related reports in the Report Center. Create memorized reports and easily tag any report as your favorite.

  • Aging Report

    Aging Report

    With multiple aging reports to choose from, you can choose the one that best matches how you want to see it. Each shows the critical information, from contacts to the details of each invoice, late fee and invoice. Run a standard 90-day aging or one that's 210 days.

  • Budget Comparison

    Budget Comparison Report

    With six budget comparison reports available, you choose the one that fits how you want to manage projects. Whether a traditional report (above), a comparison by employee or title, a cost budget, or a summary comparison, the reports are available on-demand and always includes real-time information.

  • Employee Performance Snapshots

    Employee Performance Snapshots

    This screen allows you to get a quick glimpse of Key Performance Indicators, including Realization and Utilization rates, for each employee.

  • Purchase Orders

    Purchase Orders

    Purchase Orders in BillQuick Online allow you to record an order for services and materials (products) from vendors or suppliers at a specified price and time.

  • Vendor Bills

    Vendor Bills

    You can record a new vendor bill or automatically generate it when recording items received against a purchase order. When you create a vendor bill, BillQuick Online automatically creates a corresponding time or expense entry for each item on it. After approving them, you can bill them to your client.